Combination book describes switches and systems of Classic and NG versions of the Boeing Does not describe BBJ. Documents Similar To Cockpit B ng Cockpit companion full Uploaded by. Paul Watkins. Engine Starting B Uploaded by. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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The link to Leading Edge Publishing is in the article, but the site is http: When the Max comes out I do plan to add the changes in a normal update but I do rely on our readers to help out as I have no contact at the factory.

SinceB Cockpit Companion has been a valued resource for airline pilots worldwide. If you see a price, you may not be logged in with the same account you originally used to purchase the app.

Cockpit Companion (B,,,,,,)

I just wanted to put up compqnion quick post about these two books and their wealth of information. Cockpig in Cockpit Building. Added an external power diagram Go to the App Store app. Well, it turns out that all of the actual content for this app came from the renown Bill Bulfer, a major airline Captain turned author.

I understand it comes in a few formats, I’d like the one that covers to series. I have tried both of Bill Bulfers email addresses, bbulfer kingwoodcable.

Corrected some airplanes so they have the proper airline-selected 5 or 10 minute option. If you have made notes within the app, using version 1.

The following panels now show MAX information: Usage steps are laid out cockpiit graphical and textual examples. We have also fixed a bug in the circuit breakers section which might eventually lead to a crash if you used it heavily. Anti-Ice control panel – fixed the incorrect WAI lights. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the throttle quadrant operations.


For example, this book is where I learned that the light grey panels on the forward overhead are what systems are affected by pulling a fire handle. Apple kindly expedited the posting of 1. The pocket reference is sold separately to the cockpit companion. As of Septemberit requires iOS 10 or later, but may run on earlier versions these are untested.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Example of a page from the Cockpit Companion. The app is supported and designed for the iPad 4 and later. This is a listing of the control heads that, when touched in any of the 4 MAX airplanes listed below, will give you a choice between the NG or MAX control head.

If there is another address or phone number out there for him please let me know. Locate the Cockpit Companion. We now support zooming in on circuit breakers.

This helped immensely, but I wanted more. This wraps up all reported problems. Replacing the DC diagrams with a more simple design.

The B Cockpit Companion is a well known guide within the flight simulation community, having been published in several formats; each dealing with a specific release of a Boeing aircraft series. In particular, as it relates to the B models: In my opinion, this guide is essential reading and answers many questions often asked by flight deck builders and virtual pilots.

Find More Posts by Paolo de Angelis. May add the parking brake next month. While it is a truly accurate representation of the BoeingI quickly realized I had so much to learn to pilot this plane correctly. Let us know if you need guidance on how to do that.


B Cockpit Companion Guide by Bill Bulfer – Review – Journal – Flaps 2 Approach

He took it over from Bruce Sprague in and continues the tradition. Let us know if you see anything not working correctly. MAX does not have a ground spoiler interlock valve. Added a ground service diagram to the Ground Service switch Second, choose one of the four airplanes that currently have MAX information.

The cockpit companion, written by an aviator for aviators, is very concise, easy to read and understand. It can be purchased from Leading Edge Publishing. Your FAA-approved company flight manual is the final authority as to the safe and correct operation of your airplane.

IMHO the factory diagram is incorrect but I could be wrong. Notice the 4 columns of text near the top. Every page and field you find in the FMC is explained in great detail. Added 8 new diagrams to the NG Hydraulics Schematics. You may not post new threads. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the upper DU engine indication operations. For those building a home cockpit, this book is almost mandatory.

Boeing B737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion

When appropriate, aeronautical charts and cockpit displays are depicted to demonstrate the various FMC operations. Added the Yaw Damper solenoid to the standby and system B parts of the diagrams.

Watch the relays closely and you can tell which ones energize for that situation.